Over the weekend the Western Cape coastline was battered by large waves, causing flooding in many areas. These Cape Town floods have caused damage to homes and businesses and even claimed the lives of one elderly woman. Our thoughts are with all people affected by these coastal floods.

In light of these events, we have decided to provide important information regarding these Cape Town floods for our readers. This will include important contact information and other information regarding the floods.

Emergency contact information

In case of an emergency please find the relevant contact information below:

What caused the Cape Town floods?

According to Craig Lambion of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) the Cape Town floods were caused by the combination of spring tide, a cold front, gale-force winds and rough sea conditions. This caused large waves to crash over tide barriers and into buildings and streets.

Conditions moving forward

While clean-up operations have begun in the Western Cape, residents along coastal areas are warned to exercise caution until Wednesday. This is because after-effects of the storm may cause similar tides. For up-to-date weather information regarding the Cape Town floods visit the South African Weather Service website here

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