Cape Town has a lot to offer when it comes to theatre, from grand opera houses to intimate spaces, there’s something for everyone.  So, if you are looking for a night filled with music, drama, and intrigue, a theatre in Cape Town won’t disappoint.

Artscape Theatre Centre

The exterior of this theatre in Cape Town, with Artscape written at the top of the building above the entrance

Artscape Theatre Centre is the largest theatre in Cape Town with a seating capacity of 1,487. Located in the heart of the city, the Artscape is known for its world-class productions and has been a hub for performing arts in the country since its opening in 1971. The Artscape is also home to a wide variety of performing arts events, including opera, ballet, music, theatre, and comedy. It also has a smaller venue, the Arena Theatre, which has a capacity of 140 and is ideal for more intimate productions.

Baxter Theatre Centre 

Seating in the main hall at this theatre in Cape Town

The Baxter Theatre Centre, opened in August 1977, is a grand theatre in Cape Town with a capacity of 684. The Baxter is one of the busiest theatres in Cape Town and has an extensive programme of productions throughout the year. The theatre has three venues: The Main Theatre, the Concert Hall, and the Golden Arrow Studio. The Main Theatre has a seating capacity of 665 and is known for hosting a range of productions, from classic plays to contemporary dance. The Concert Hall is primarily used for music productions, and the Golden Arrow Studio hosts smaller productions, film screenings, and talks. The theatre strives to showcase works that tackle pressing social issues and promote diversity and inclusivity. The Baxter also hosts school programmes, making it an important educational resource for local schools and young people.

Cape Town Opera 

Cape Town Opera is Africa’s premier opera company that regularly stages world-class productions, featuring both local and international talent. Its main focus is to produce locally relevant work that showcases the richness of African culture. Cape Town Opera is renowned for its world-class productions, featuring top South African and international talents. The company has its own chorus, orchestra, and training programme, which helps to nurture young talent and promote the art of opera in South Africa.

Maynardville Open-Air Theatre 

A dazzling performance at this open air theatre in Cape Town

The Maynardville Open-Air Theatre is a unique theatre set in a beautiful park in Wynberg. This theatre in Cape Town is only open during the summer months and is known for its annual Shakespeare productions. The theatre has been a beloved cultural touchstone of Cape Town for over 60 years. The Maynardville Open-Air Theatre is a unique venue that provides a wonderful experience for theatre-goers. The theatre has a magical atmosphere, and its productions are enhanced by the stunning natural surroundings.

The Little Theatre 

The Little Theatre is for hosting a diverse range of productions, including plays, musicals, stand-up comedy, and cabaret shows, making it the perfect venue for new and innovative works. The Little Theatre in Cape Town is a cosy venue that provides an intimate theatre experience. Its size makes it ideal for experimental works and new productions, and many emerging artists have had their first break at The Little Theatre.

Theatre on the Bay 

Theatre on the Bay is a theatre in Cape Town lined with palm trees, situated in the vibrant suburb of Camps Bay. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and soak up the atmosphere. The theatre has a dynamically-programmed schedule that features a diverse range of productions, ranging from classic plays to contemporary dramas. The Theatre also hosts a popular Sunday Jazz Brunch. Theatre on the Bay is a popular venue for theatre-goers looking for a night out.

Masque Theatre 

The exterior of the Masque theatre in Cape Town

The Masque Theatre is nestled in the lovely suburb of Muizenberg. This theatre in Cape Town has a reputation for producing some of the best community productions, including plays, musicals, poetry readings, and pantomimes. Its intimate setting and friendly atmosphere make it a popular venue for locals.

Kalk Bay Theatre 

The Kalk Bay Theatre is a charming 78-seat venue located in the trendy suburb of Kalk Bay. The theatre is known for its fantastic cabaret shows, which feature local and international artists, making it the perfect place to enjoy a night of music, laughter, and delicious food. It is a must-visit attraction for those looking for a unique and intimate theatre experience.

Rainbow Puppet Theatre 

The Rainbow Puppet Theatre is a fun and interactive theatre for children. It is known for its delightful and educational productions and provides kids with a unique and imaginative experience. With its colourful puppets, engaging stories, and wonderful music, the theatre has been captivating young audiences for over 30 years.

Barnyard Theatre 

The Barnyard Theatre is a Western-themed venue that is popular with tourists. This theatre in Cape Town has a strong focus on tribute shows, featuring music from bands such as Queen, Abba, and the Beatles. The atmosphere is always lively, and the theatre is a popular choice for tourists.


Remember, the best theatre is the one that speaks to your soul. So, book your tickets and enjoy a night out at any theatre in Cape Town. Happy theatregoing!

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