Gansbaai is a fishing town and popular tourist destination in the Western Cape. With the beautiful Dynefontein Mountains and with Hermanus just 30 minutes away, it is a must-visit area. But there’s more to Gansbaai than just the beautiful Dynefontein Mountains! The town has a number of great restaurants, serving up everything from fresh seafood to traditional South African fare. Listed below are some of the most popular restaurants in Gansbaai, these awesome spots offer phenomenal meals and drinks, to make your time in Gansbaai more memorable than ever.

Rosemary’s Country Kitchen & Deli

Roasted tomatoes and pesto on small slices of toasted bread, just one example of the delicious food that restaurants in Gansbaai have to offer

This is one of the best restaurants in Gansbaai. The restaurant is known for its country-style cooking, seafood, and grill-style cuisines, accompanied by wine, craft beer and gin. The restaurant is also vegetarian friendly with gluten-free options and vegan options accommodating to all their clients. Everything in Rosemary’s Country Kitchen & Deli is locally sourced. Treat yourself to a phenomenal meal in their pet-friendly tranquil courtyard garden or their elegant dining room. Jean left a review on Tripadvisor that said “We had a wonderful tasty lunch outside in the cool breezy front garden. The food was delish and the staff was very gracious and warm. Highly recommended!”

Blue Goose

The outdoor seating of this restaurant, beautifully lit to create a stunning atmosphere, just one example of what restaurants in Gansbaai have to offer

Blue Goose is another one of the restaurants in Gansbaai situated in the ancestral home of the owner and chef. This restaurant focuses highly on the dishes it offers and the service it delivers, always exceeding anyone’s expectations. They focus on seafood, Mediterranean and grill-style cuisines, serving dinner and drinks. You can either sit inside or enjoy your meal in their outdoor garden for the perfect evening ambience. 

We recommend booking in advance as this restaurant in Gansbaai is always packed with people. Julie A left a review on Tripadvisor that said “Food was excellent, especially the Butter Chicken, the service was brilliant and the atmosphere fabulous. Would recommend it to anyone, if we were not going home we would definitely go again.”

Schneider’s Cape Floral Kitchen

The seating area of this restaurant looking out and breathtaking views of the valley, just one example of the scenery surrounding restaurants in Gansbaai

This one is also one of the best restaurants in Gansbaai. The restaurant delivers exceptionally fine dishes that will blow your mind bringing you International and Indigenous style cuisines. The chef brings his view on creativity and diversity to life with the meals that he prepares, meals that will make you want to come back again. The views from the restaurant are breathtaking with the newly renovated contemporary interior, making your experience at Schneider’s even more memorable. Farmer3726 left a review on Tripadvisor that said “ Schneiders Restaurant is a beacon of culinary excellence. From its artful dishes to attentive service and inviting atmosphere, it offers an extraordinary dining experience that lingers in the memory. Schneiders is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of fine dining at its best.”

Eileen’s Seafood Paradise

Eileen’s Seafood Paradise is one of the few restaurants in Gansbaai that is a little piece of paradise. You can expect down-to-earth small-town hospitality paired with delicious meals prepared the traditional way with wholesome ingredients and love. This restaurant in Gansbaai focuses on ocean-fresh seafood made with fresh and wholesome ingredients that will surely satisfy your palate. Eileen’s Seafood Paradise has a wide variety on her menu that includes not only seafood/sushi but also all-day breakfasts, toasted sandwiches, burgers, ribs and steak. 

This restaurant in Gansbaai also does events and platters for the events, takeaways and deliveries are also available. Eileen’s Seafood Paradise has a wide space for seating, taking 25 people on the inside and another 80 people on the outside in the private garden with a play area for the children. Avozha Rathbone left a review on xplorio that said “I was pleasantly surprised with the wide range of menu items at Eileen’s Seafood Paradise. There is truly something for everyone. Eileen’s meals are generous and made with much care. Will surely support this Lekker Local Jewel!” 

Giuseppe’s Trattoria and Cocktail Bar

a beautifully saucy rack of ribs atop a bed of chips, just one example of the food available here at one of the best restaurants in Gansbaai

Guiseppe’s Trattoria and Cocktail Bar is one of the top-ranking restaurants in Gansbaai. If you like to have a good meal with a few drinks in a group of friends or family this is the place for you, with seating arrangements inside with a very vibey and lively bar, and outside picnic tables. With a wide variety on their menu expanding to pastas and chicken schnitzel too and if you want to take it home with you, no worries because you can order a takeaway. This restaurant in Gansbaai focuses highly on making sure that you will leave their restaurant in a good mood. Geraldine Bosch left a review on xplorio that said “Guiseppe’s Trattoria and Cocktail Bar is the best local restaurant and cutest little pub. The owner, Gino, is an amazing host, and his staff is friendly and courteous. Experience Gansbaai hospitality at its very best!”

Coffee on the Rocks

The outdoor seating area of this restaurant offers stunning views of the ocean, which can include whale sightings, just one of the many wonders restaurants in Gansbaai have to offer

This cafe and European-style restaurant in Gansbaai is situated on the coast of Cliff Street so you can just imagine the views from this restaurant. Well known as a perfect spot to have a meal or coffee on the deck overlooking the ocean for whale watching. The restaurant has a very homely ambience. Their food brings you a feeling of a proper home-cooked meal. They cater for all their clients’ dietary needs serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and offering a number of vegan and gluten-free options. For those that have a sweeter tooth Coffee on the Rocks has exceptional cakes you must try. They are open from Wednesdays – Sundays between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. GF Traveller left a review on Tripadvisor that said “We had lunch in the coffee on the rocks” Excellent food, we had Greek-style wraps and homemade cake. Very friendly service, directly on the Gansbaai coast. We could even see some whales 🙂 Really nice”

Groeneweide Restaurant

Being one of the top restaurants in Gansbaai, you can tuck yourself into rustic farm food whilst enjoying breathtaking views of the mountains and the ocean. Groeneweide restaurant is a feel-good experience with a wide variety of meals to choose from, like the big farm breakfasts, traditional stews, mouth-watering juicy burgers and more. They are well known by locals for their Sunday lunches of home-cooked meals. Joe P left a review on Tripadvisor that said “Excellent service and good and tasty traditional food. This is a farm setup so take the kids and roam the farm yard and nursery. Breakfast, lunch or a light meal – they are all very good.”

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