Cape Town offers a diverse range of milkshake experiences. From extravagant and creative concoctions to simple and classic delights. The large variety of milkshakes Cape Town has to offer makes it a paradise for milkshake enthusiasts. If you’re a tourist exploring the Mother City or a local looking for a sweet escape, Cape Town has some fantastic milkshake options to satisfy your cravings.

Cape Town is also home to freakshakes. Freakshakes, also known as monster shakes or extreme milkshakes, are a modern and extravagant twist on traditional milkshakes. What sets freakshakes apart is their extravagant toppings. These over-the-top desserts are known for their massive size, creative presentation, and indulgent ingredients.

The Various Milkshakes Flavours

When it comes to milkshake flavours, the options are nearly limitless, and personal preferences play a significant role in determining the “best” flavours. However, some classic and popular milkshake flavours have stood the test of time and are beloved by many. Here are some of the top 10 milkshake flavours that have delighted taste buds for generations:

Vanilla: The classic vanilla milkshake is a timeless favourite. It’s smooth, creamy, and has a pure and simple sweetness that appeals to nearly everyone.

Chocolate: Rich, indulgent, and oh-so-satisfying, chocolate milkshakes are a top choice for chocoholics. You can’t go wrong with the classic chocolate milkshakes Cape Town has to offer.

Strawberry: Strawberry milkshakes are a delightful blend of sweetness and tartness. Made with fresh strawberries or strawberry syrup, they’re perfect for a refreshing treat.

Cookies and Cream: This flavour combines the crunchiness of chocolate cookies with the creaminess of vanilla ice cream. It’s a winning combination that’s hard to resist.

Mint Chocolate Chip: Mint and chocolate are a match made in milkshake heaven. The cool mint flavour pairs perfectly with the sweetness of chocolate chips.

Coffee: Coffee lovers rejoice! A coffee milkshake combines the bold, aromatic flavour of coffee with the creaminess of ice cream, resulting in a caffeinated delight.

Banana: Creamy banana milkshakes have a natural sweetness and a hint of tropical flavour. They’re a great way to enjoy the goodness of bananas in a dessert form.

Caramel: Caramel milkshakes are a sweet and indulgent treat. The smooth caramel flavour complements the creamy base, creating a luscious concoction.

Coconut: If you’re a fan of coconut, a coconut milkshake is a tropical delight. It’s creamy, slightly nutty, and perfect for those who enjoy the taste of the tropics.

Red Velvet: Red velvet cake lovers will adore a red velvet milkshake. It captures the essence of the beloved cake in a cool and creamy beverage.

These are just a few of the best milkshake flavours that have captured the hearts and taste buds of milkshake enthusiasts around the world. Ultimately, the “best” flavour is a matter of personal preference, so feel free to experiment and find your own favourites!

Best Milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

Milkshakes Cape Town has to offer is a diverse and vibrant scene much like the city itself. Join us as we explore the charming cafes that make Cape Town a milkshake lover’s dream come true.

The Creamery

Just some of the ice creams available at this store, this large variety makes this one of the best places for milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

The Creamery, with locations in Mouille Point, Newlands, and Palmyra Junction, is a Cape Town favourite for handcrafted, artisanal ice cream and milkshakes. Using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, The Creamery offers a wide range of unique flavours. From classic vanilla and chocolate to adventurous choices like roasted peach and burnt honey, there’s something to suit every palate.

Gibson’s Gourmet Burgers & Ribs

The stylish interior of this establishment is part of what makes it one of the best places for milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

Gibson’s is a true gem at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Not only are their gourmet burgers and ribs top-notch, but their milkshakes are out of this world. The Ferrero Rocher milkshake was a heavenly indulgence, with a perfect balance of creaminess and chocolatey goodness. The presentation was impressive, topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Gibson’s is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth and a craving for gourmet comfort food.

Fynkos Kirstenbosch Tea Room

The view of the gardens offered by this establishment is part of what makes them some of the best milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

Fynkos Kirstenbosch Tea Room offers a tranquil setting for a delightful tea-time experience. Their milkshakes are refreshing and pair perfectly with the beautiful garden surroundings. While not as extravagant as some other milkshake spots, the simplicity and natural ambience make Fynkos Kirstenbosch Tea Room a charming destination for a relaxed afternoon treat.

RocoMamas Green Point

The iconic RocoMamas interior is stylish and adds to the appeal of these milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

If you’re in the mood for inventive and over-the-top milkshakes, RocoMamas in Green Point is the place to be. Their milkshakes are like works of art, each one a creative masterpiece. The “Unicorn” milkshake, in particular, is a visual delight and a sweet tooth’s dream come true. These milkshakes aren’t just drinks; they’re an experience. RocoMamas is a must-visit for those seeking

Burger & Lobster

The stylish interior of this restaurant adds to the appeal of already great milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

Burger & Lobster, situated on Bree Street, offers a delightful twist on the classic milkshake. Their lobster-infused milkshake is a unique and savoury take on the traditional sweet treat. While it may not be for everyone, it’s worth a try for the adventurous foodie. The combination of creamy milkshake and lobster essence is surprisingly delicious. These milkshakes Cape Town has to offer are for the more adventurous gourmants.

The Avenue Restaurant And Grill

A strawberry milkshake offered by this restaurant, these are great quality milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

The Avenue Restaurant And Grill provides a decent milkshake option for those seeking a classic, no-fuss treat. While their milkshakes are tasty, they may not be the main draw of this establishment. The flavours are familiar, and the presentation is straightforward. It’s a suitable spot for quick and reliable milkshakes Cape Town has to offer.

Wembley Roadhouse Take Away

The exterior of this restaurant that has some of the best milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

Wembley Roadhouse Take Away is a Cape Town institution, known for its nostalgic diner atmosphere and hearty comfort food. Their milkshakes are no exception. While not overly extravagant, they offer classic flavours in generous portions. The “Strawberry Delight” milkshake was a delightful blend of creamy goodness and sweet strawberry flavour, making it a perfect complement to their famous burgers and fries.

Arnolds Restaurant

Arnolds Restaurant on Kloof Street offers a charming and cosy atmosphere for enjoying a milkshake. Their milkshakes are rich and flavourful, with a good variety of classic and creative options. The “Chocolate Brownie” milkshake was particularly impressive, with chunks of brownie adding a delightful texture to the creamy blend. Arnolds is a lovely spot for a casual milkshake date.

Three Feathers Diner

The diner interior of this restaurant full of automobile parts and nostalgic atmosphere, and some of the best milkshakes Cape Town has to offer

Three Feathers Diner & Venue Hire provides a delightful dose of nostalgia with its classic diner ambience. Their milkshakes are straightforward and satisfying, reminiscent of the milkshakes enjoyed by diners of yesteryear. The “Vanilla Malt” milkshake was a standout, offering a perfect balance of malt flavour and creaminess. If you’re seeking a taste of the past, this diner is worth a visit.

The Belgian Waffle House And Coffee Shop

The Belgian Waffle House And Coffee Shop is a true delight for those with a sweet tooth. While they’re famous for their waffles, their milkshakes are equally deserving of praise. The “Belgian Chocolate” milkshake was a heavenly concoction of rich chocolate and creaminess, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. It’s a must-visit spot for milkshakes Cape Town has to offer.

Honest Chocolate Cafe

One of the most delicious chocolate milkshakes Cape Town has to offer can be found at this restaurant

Honest Chocolate Cafe, located on Wale Street, offers a unique twist on milkshakes. Their milkshakes are dairy-free and made with raw cacao, making them a healthier choice for those with dietary restrictions. While the taste may differ from traditional milkshakes, it’s a refreshing alternative with a distinct chocolatey flavour. The cosy, artisanal ambience adds to the overall experience.

So, as you explore this beautiful South African city, take a moment to cool off and savour the sweet delights of Cape Town’s milkshake culture. You won’t be disappointed! Your taste buds will thank you, and you’ll have another memorable experience to add to your Cape Town adventure.

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