When it comes to starting your day on a delectable note, a good breakfast Cape Town has to offer isn’t hard to find. Cape Town’s breakfast scene is a treasure trove of culinary delights, offering a diverse range of flavours, atmospheres, and experiences.

Whether you prefer a cosy cafe, a trendy eatery, or a hidden gem, this city has it all. From traditional favourites to innovative creations, each breakfast spot mentioned here offers a unique culinary adventure. Join us as we embark on a flavorful journey through some of the best places to have breakfast in Cape Town.

The Old Biscuit Mill

A historic mill building, located behind the restaurant, just one example of a breakfast Cape Town has to offer

The first great breakfast Cape Town has to offer is located in the trendy neighbourhood of Woodstock. The Old Biscuit Mill is a lively hub for food lovers. On Saturdays, the Neighbourgoods Market comes alive, offering an abundance of breakfast in Cape Town options. From freshly baked pastries to gourmet delights, you’ll find it all. Be sure to try the famous Eggs Benedict, artisanal coffee, delectable pancakes, and mouthwatering local delicacies while enjoying the bustling atmosphere and live music.

Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room

a croissant with spreads alongside  and coffee on a saucer, an example of a breakfast Cape Town has to offer

Situated in the heart of Cape Town’s city centre, Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room is a renowned eatery known for its all-day breakfast menu. With a  relaxed atmosphere and friendly service, this trendy spot serves up classics like fluffy buttermilk pancakes, avocado toast, and mouthwatering breakfast burritos. Don’t forget to try their homemade juices and freshly squeezed juices.

Loading Bay.

Pastries arranged on a board atog a white counter, white brick wall of the building extends behind the bar, menus on boards and various pot plants adorn the wall, breakfast Cape Town

Loading Bay is a stylish breakfast Cape Town spot for enthusiasts located in the trendy De Waterkant neighbourhood. With its minimalist decor and modern ambience, it offers an inviting atmosphere to kick-start your day. The menu features a fusion of international flavours, including items like shakshuka, breakfast bowls, and gourmet sandwiches. Pair your meal with their artisanal teas or expertly crafted espresso.

The Blue Cafe

Cosy space with bare wood tables and benches, concrete walls surround it, fairy lights and decorations make it a lovely venue for breakfast Cape Town has to offer

For a cosy and relaxed breakfast experience, head to The Blue Cafe in Tamboerskloof. Known for its warm hospitality and homely atmosphere, this local favourite offers a range of breakfast options to satisfy your cravings. Try their hearty farmhouse breakfast, fluffy flapjacks, or homemade muesli with fresh fruits. They also have vegetarian and vegan options available.

Jason Bakery

A historic building painted a stylish black, a cruiser motorcycle stands outside this establishment, another stylish place for breakfast Cape Town has to offer

If you’re a pastry lover, Jason Bakery is a must-visit destination. With its famous artisanal bread and delectable pastries, this bakery has gained a cult following in Cape Town. Enjoy a buttery croissant, doughssants (a croissant-doughnut hybrid), flaky pain au chocolate, or a decadent cronut with your morning coffee. The menu also features savoury options like bacon and egg croissants, breakfast sandwiches, and quiches. Pair your pastry with their excellent coffee for a perfect start to the day. Their inventive flavour combinations and attention to detail will leave you wanting more.

Manna Epicure

Stylish glass sunroom outside the restaurant, the M logo of manna epicure on the white wall, another great place for breakfast Cape Town has to offer

For a touch of elegance and sophistication, Manna Epicure in Kloof Street delivers an exquisite breakfast experience. This upscale eatery combines classic European flavours with contemporary twists. From French toast with caramelized bananas to smoked salmon eggs Benedict, every dish is a work of culinary art. Indulge in their artisanal pastries and sip on a glass of freshly squeezed juice for a complete breakfast experience.

Truth Coffee

Industrial styled cafe with tables and chairs constructed of metal pipes and wood tops, a great experience for breakfast Cape Town has to offer

If you’re a coffee aficionado, Truth Coffee is a must-visit breakfast Cape Town destination. Tucked away in the historic Buitenkant Street, this steampunk-inspired café is renowned for its exceptional coffee blends and unique brewing techniques. Pair your cup of joe with a delicious breakfast menu featuring dishes like Eggs Benedict, Croque Monsieur, or their famous “Full Steam Ahead” breakfast.


Cosy space with small tables, dark floors and maroon orange walls, a stylish place for breakfast Cape Town has to offer

Located in a charming historic building on Waterkant Street, Hemelhuijs offers a unique breakfast experience. The elegant décor and meticulous attention to detail create a serene atmosphere. Indulge in beautifully presented dishes like their signature French Toast, homemade granola, or traditional South African bobotie benedict. Their selection of refreshing fruit juices and herbal infusions is not to be missed.

The Power and the Glory

Spacious venue with many plants decorating the walls and counter, blackboard menus give this place a quaint charm, another great breakfast Cape Town has to offer

The next great breakfast Cape Town has to offer is nestled in the vibrant suburb of Tamboerskloof. The Power and the Glory is a trendy café with a laid-back vibe. Their breakfast menu focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and offers a range of options to suit different tastes. Whether you’re craving a wholesome acai bowl, a hearty breakfast wrap, or simply a buttery croissant, this cosy spot has you covered.

Giovanni’s Deliworld

The green branded awning hanging over the streetside entrance of Giovanni's Deliworld, another great place for breakfast Cape Town has to offer

For a taste of Italy in Cape Town, visit Giovanni’s Deliworld in Green Point. This family-owned deli is a treasure trove of gourmet delights. Enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast with freshly baked bread, cold cuts, cheeses, and mouthwatering pastries. Their extensive selection of international coffees and teas will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Starlings Café – Claremont

A beautiful breakfast, egg on bread covered in hollandaise sauce, with avo beautifully arranged alongside it, an example of the type of breakfast Cape Town has to offer

Located in the leafy suburb of Claremont, Starlings Café is a cosy haven for breakfast lovers. Boasting a warm and inviting atmosphere, this charming café offers a delectable menu featuring homemade granola, freshly baked pastries, and hearty breakfast bowls. Pair your meal with one of their speciality coffees or enjoy a refreshing freshly squeezed juice.

So, the next time you find yourself what breakfast Cape Town you should visit. Choose to embark on a gastronomic journey and explore these top-notch breakfast spots that will leave you energized and satisfied to start your day right. Bon appétit!

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