We all have our hobbies, something we enjoy doing in our free time to relax and unwind. One of the most popular hobbies in South Africa is gardening. However, to be a successful gardener you need to know where the best shops for gardening are in Cape Town.

That is why we decided to write this list of our picks for the best shops. To help elevate your garden from a standard affair to the wow factor of your entire house.

Garden Centres vs a Nursery

Before we can get to our list of the best shops for gardening in Cape Town. There is an important distinction we need to understand. This is the difference between a garden centre and a nursery. These differences are summarised in the table below:

Garden CentresNursery
Tend to be smaller than nurseriesTend to be larger than garden centres
Primarily sell directly to the public, stocking a large range of plants that appeal to the general publicMostly sell to garden centres and professionals, stocking specialist plants to cater to this clientele
Typically located near urban areas serving the needs of their local communityBest located far out of town as they require a great deal of space

These are the primary differences between a garden centre and a nursery. Now that we have a clear distinction between the two, we can get to our list.

The 4 best shops for gardening in Cape Town

Harry Goemans Garden Centre

Front entrance of the Cinnamon & Sage cafe, with many pot plants lined out front, this is one of the best shops for gardening in Cape Town

First on our list of the best shops for gardening in Cape Town is the historic Harry Goemans Garden Centre. Originally opened in 1960 on Main Road, which closed in 2009, its second and current branch opened in Sunnydale in 1994. This family-run garden centre has remained in the hands of the same family for the past 60 years.

Using these years of experience these friendly professionals are sure to be able to advise you about what to plant and when. They have a large range of indigenous plants that you are sure will grow in Cape Town, and some more exotic plants as well. Additionally, they can provide pots and containers, tools, fertilisers, and irrigation systems. Ensuring you have everything you need to turn your garden into your personal Eden. One of the best parts of this garden centre is the cafe Cinnamon and Sage, which serves breakfasts, light lunches and coffee. With so much to offer it is easy to see why Harry Goemans is at the top of our list.

The Greenhouse Nursery

Sign for the Greenhouse nursery surrounded by lush plant life and high tree canopy, this tranquil setting makes this one of the best shops for gardening

Next on our list of the best shops for gardening in Cape Town is the Greenhouse Nursery. This nursery is located in the Montebello Design Centre located in Newlands. This is home to a broad spectrum of designers, artists, crafters and more all on a historic site. This nursery is run by the fantastic mother-and-daughter team of Shirley and Kate. Kate is a qualified horticulturist and landscaper able to assist you with all of your garden needs.

This nursery offers a wide range of wonderful plants to add to your garden. Additionally, the expert advice that Kate can provide will ensure that you are never lost regarding what to do next in your garden. The nursery also boasts a wide range of interesting objects and wrought iron works. All of this lends this nursery an air of magic that make it feel like a garden wonderland, securing its spot on our list.

Sea Point Nursery

A tall succulent sticking out amongst others, more of what the best shops for gardening has to offer

In third place on our list of the best gardening shops in Cape Town is Sea Point Nursery. This nursery is located in the iconic sea point area of Cape Town. It is owned and operated by Gabi who has a deep passion for all things gardening. This passion can be seen in every aspect of this wonderful nursery.

Gabi and his team provide a wide range of services and advice to help your garden thrive. They provide general garden advice as well as irrigation and greywater systems for your garden. They are also experts in landscaping and tree felling, helping you to shape your garden to your desires. Additionally, if you really don’t have a green thumb they can also assist you with artificial lawns to keep your garden looking green and beautiful.

Kirstenbosch Garden Centre

Stone steps leading into the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens, which is where this garden centre is located

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best gardening shops in Cape Town is the Kirstenbosch Garden Centre. This is an indigenous retail nursery located by the Kirstenbosch National botanical garden. While entrance to the garden centre is free, access to the gardens through it is limited to ticket holders only.

The Kirstenbosch Garden Centre offers a wide range of plants for any avid gardener. These include succulents, bulbs, trees, shrubs, fynbos plants and many more. Additionally, the garden centre is well stocked with treatments for your garden. These include compost, insecticides, fungicides, and environmentally friendly fertilisers. Ensuring you can get anything you could possibly need to get to ensure your gardening can thrive.

These are our picks for the best shops for gardening in Cape Town. So be sure to stop by one of these fantastic shops on a Saturday. To ensure you can meet some fellow gardening enthusiasts while getting everything you need to create a garden you will want to show off.

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