Hout Bay is a small harbour town of about 28.38 square kilometres in size. It is located on the Atlantic seaboard in the Western Cape of South Africa, right alongside the mother city. The town is most well known as one of the busiest fishing harbours in the Western Cape. However, it is also a fantastic holiday destination with beautiful beaches, lively Hout Bay markets, and stunning mountain views. Additionally, it will keep you close to all that Cape Town has to offer. 

One of the best ways to experience all a town like Hout Bay has to offer is by visiting a local market. These markets are generally intended to cater to a specific type of shopper, but they are all worth visiting, especially if you are on holiday in the area. However, finding these markets isn’t always as easy as you think, or deciding which one is worth your time. That is why we decided to write this list of our picks for the 3 best Hout Bay markets available.

Bay Harbour Market

The Bay Harbour market entrance, canvased roofs slope away from the large warehouse building, and driftwood planks make walls for this covered Hout Bay market

Easily the best and most famous Hout Bay market is the Bay Harbour Market. This market is located alongside the bay on Harbour Road, with the stalls arranged inside a very large warehouse space. This gives the market a bit of a beach casual vibe that makes for an enjoyable shopping experience.

This weekend market has the widest range of merchandise available of all the markets on this list. This includes a variety of food stalls with dishes from all over the world, truly showing the multiculturalism of our country. These stall offerings include sushi, waffles, ice cream, biltong, pizza, and much much more. With so many foods available even the fussiest eater will be satisfied.

Once you have fueled up at the food stalls you can take your time enjoying all the wares on offer at this market. There are many art, crafts, and decor stalls available at this market any one of which might be hiding your next favourite souvenir. These stalls sell things like paintings, candles, plates, and more. You could very easily decorate your entire house with all the decor and art in this market.

Additionally, the Bay Harbour Market is also home to many fashion and jewellery stalls. This includes a denim stall with jackets straight out of the 80s. There are also stalls with leather bags, beautiful dresses, and stunning jewellery, all with a dose of local culture in their design.

The Bay Harbour Market is only open over the weekend, on Friday from 17:00-21:00, and on Saturday and Sunday from 09:30-16:00. With so much to offer it is easy to see why this is the first Hout Bay Market on our list. As it is ideal for a fun day of shopping for that perfect holiday memento.

Lions Club Craft Market

Market stalls along the brick path in this park, with beautiful mountains looming in the background, another fantastic Hout Bay Market

Next on our list of markets is the historic Lions Club Craft Market, which was one of the earliest craft markets in the Cape Town Area. The market is located in the Hout Bay Common skate park and is a favourite spot for many tourists. This is an open-air market with stalls set up in the park, so ensure the weather is right for this market.

This Hout Bay market focuses on selling the crafts of the local community. This can include many items like chairs, pieces of art, bowls, jewellery, and more. There are also numerous textile products like clothes and material bags. This creates a veritable feast for the eyes as these colourful crafts are presented at each stall. With such a wide variety of wares, there is sure to be something for everyone in this market.

The Lions Club craft market is open on Sunday every weekend, as long as the weather is permitting. This is a great local market that offers many of the local communities’ crafts. Additionally, the market helps to raise funds for numerous charitable causes in the area. Meaning you can enjoy some shopping while doing some good for the community.

First Fruits Farmers Market

a bustling market with people picnicing and braaing on the lawns, while others look on from the shaded outdoor seating, a lot on offer at this Hout Bay market

The last Hout Bay market on our list is the First Fruits Farmers market. This market is located close to the centre of town. It is also an outdoor market, taking place in a beautiful garden with open grass areas. There are also some lovely outdoor tables in the shade of the trees if you need a break or just to get out of the sun.

The First Fruits Farmers market, as the name suggests, focuses on bringing farm fresh produce to its clientele. This provides a great opportunity to sample all of the fruits and vegetables that are grown in the area. While you won’t find a long-lasting souvenir at this market, you can find some of the freshest ingredients for your home cooking. There are also some stalls selling refreshments to keep you going, including a wonderful coffee stall to get your morning fix.

The First Fruits Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 09:00-14:00. Therefore it is always best to go as early as possible to ensure you get the very best products on offer. This market is a great place to enjoy a day with the family in the sun while gaining insight into what our farmers do.

These are our picks for the best Hout Bay markets available. Therefore, if you are on holiday in the area and you want a better look at the local culture while enjoying a bit of shopping. Be sure to visit one of these markets, for an enjoyable experience, and maybe the perfect gift for your loved ones back home.

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