Welcome to the Cape of Confectionery! Beyond its scenic beauty and historical landmarks, Cape Town is a haven for food enthusiasts, particularly those with a sweet tooth.

A bakery in Cape Town can offer a delightful array of treats and goodies, ranging from heavenly cupcakes and French pastries to savoury pies and artisanal bread.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or a craving for hearty baked goods, these bakeries are sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you with a memorable culinary experience in this beautiful South African city.

In a typical bakery (bakeshop or a “bakehouse), you will find a delightful assortment of baked goods and treats, all freshly made by skilled bakers. The exact offerings can vary from bakery to bakery, but here are some common items you are likely to find in a bakery: Bread, Pastries, Cakes, Cupcakes and Muffins, Cookies, Biscuits, Sandwiches, etc.

In this blog, we’ll take you on a delightful journey through some of the city’s finest bakeries, where you’ll discover a delightful array of pastries, bread, cakes, and treats to satisfy your cravings.

Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town

A beautiful pirate ship cake with a captain hook figure, with branded cardboard surrounding it, an example of what this bakery has to offer

This iconic bakery is famous for its whimsical and creative cakes. Their speciality lies in crafting custom cakes for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and celebrations. Charly’s Bakery is also known for its delicious cupcakes, brownies, and a variety of cookies. If you’re looking for a cake that not only tastes amazing but also looks like a piece of art, Charly’s Bakery is the place to go.

Jason Bakery in Cape Town

a black and white photo of the bakery, shows the historic building it is in, with mountains behind it, there is also a company tuk tuk parked in front of the bakery

Jason Bakery is a trendy artisanal bakery known for its delectable pastries and gourmet sandwiches. Their cronuts (a hybrid of croissant and doughnut) have a cult following and sell out quickly every day. Their almond croissants, filled with a luscious almond paste, are another customer favourite. In addition to pastries, Jason Bakery serves up hearty breakfast options and has a variety of bread, from sourdough to rye, for you to take home.

Honest Chocolate Café

Small table with a hot chocolate, chocolate cake, and another chocolate covered pastry on it, some examples of what this bakery has to offer

For all the chocolate enthusiasts out there, Honest Chocolate Café is a must-visit destination. This charming bakery specializes in handmade, bean-to-bar chocolate treats. Their signature “slabs” are a heavenly combination of rich, velvety chocolate mixed with various delicious ingredients like roasted almonds, dried fruit, and sea salt. They also offer a range of dairy-free and vegan chocolate options.

Woodstock Bakery in Cape Town

four perfectly baked long loafs of bread, a speciality of this bakery

Woodstock Bakery is a community-focused establishment that produces a wide array of bread and baked goods. From classic ciabattas to speciality loaves like rosemary and olive sourdough, their bread selection is extensive. You can also find tasty treats like croissants, muffins, and Danish pastries. Woodstock Bakery takes pride in using natural and organic ingredients, ensuring top-notch quality.

The Velvet Cake Co.

A beautiful cake with alternating white and coloured frosting on the side, topped with white frosting and candy, there are also similar cupcakes pictured in the bottom left, an example of what this bakery has to offer

As the name suggests, The Velvet Cake Co. excels in baking delectable cakes that are exceptionally moist and velvety. Their red velvet cake is a customer favourite, but they offer a variety of other flavours too, such as carrot, chocolate, and lemon. The bakery also creates personalized cakes for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Additionally, they have a selection of mouthwatering cupcakes and cake jars for those on the go.

Knead Bakery & Café

A delectable sandwich with cold meat, cherry tomatoes and garnish, all on a freshly baked bread, an example of what this bakery has to offer

Knead Bakery & Café is a popular chain with multiple locations throughout Cape Town. Known for its artisan bread, this bakery offers an extensive range of freshly baked loaves, rolls, and baguettes. The café section serves a variety of sandwiches, quiches, and breakfast options, making it a great spot to enjoy a light meal or grab some takeout.

Olympia Café and Bakery in Cape Town

delectable chorizo dipped in chocolate sauce, an example of what this bakery has to offer

Situated in the picturesque seaside town of Kalk Bay, Olympia Café and Bakery is a beloved establishment known for its rustic, wholesome bread and pastries. Their wood-fired bread is particularly famous, and customers often line up early to get their hands on the freshly baked loaves. Apart from bread, Olympia offers delectable cakes, tarts, and savoury snacks.

a delightful chocolate-covered cake, with chocolate chip cookies sprinkled and embedded in the top, a taste of what this bakery has to offer

Last but not least, “The Cookie Co.” is a delightful bakery that will transport you back to your childhood. This charming spot offers an assortment of freshly baked cookies in an array of flavours, from classic chocolate chips to chewy oatmeal raisins. They also serve cake and make custom cakes making it the perfect spot for kids and those young at heart.

These are just a few of the wonderful bakeries you can explore in Cape Town. Each of them brings a unique offering to the table, making the city a paradise for bakery enthusiasts. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, exploring these delightful establishments will undoubtedly add an extra layer of sweetness to your Cape Town experience.  So, the next time you’re in Cape Town, don’t miss the chance to explore these charming establishments and indulge in their delicious offerings!

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