In this article we discuss a few of the best coffee shops in Cape Town.

Many of us depend on our morning coffee to get the day started, which is why coffee is the most consumed flavoured beverage in the world. A large contributing factor to this rise in popularity is Starbucks the American-based franchise, which is arguably the most famous coffee shop in the world. However, Starbucks isn’t truly in line with modern third-wave coffee culture.

Third-wave coffee began in 2000, with a focus on custom, fresher, and high-quality coffee production. The term third wave was coined by Trish Rothgeb, who appropriated the term from feminists who used the terminology of waves to distinguish between movements. This wave differentiates itself from the first and second waves, which weren’t able to produce consistent high-quality coffee. 

Third-wave coffee also focuses on the story behind each cup, with an interest in the origins, methods, and environmental and social concerns regarding each coffee. This is done to establish a connection between coffee producers and consumers. While promoting coffee as an artisanal product as sophisticated as wine.

With this exciting third wave of coffee being so popular, a cup of coffee in Cape Town can cost you anything from R20-R60 which is about the price throughout South Africa. That is why we decided to put together this list of our picks of the three best coffee shops in Cape Town. So you know where to go to find the best high-quality coffee to get your caffeine fix.

1. Truth Coffee

Truth coffee is one of the top coffee shops in Cape Town.

Top of our list of the best coffee shops in Cape Town has to be Truth Coffee. Named ‘The world’s best coffee shop’ for the past two years by the UK-based publication The Daily Telegraph. This steampunk-themed cafe, with servers dressed to match, will truly make you feel like you’re in an alternative victorian setting. Metal piping throughout and quirky old machinery give this cafe a unique aesthetic you won’t want to miss.

Aside from the eye-catching aesthetic Truth Coffee lives up to its name with an extensive range of quality coffee blends. They source the best quality beans they can find and then extensively test, taste, and analyse each of their roasts, to find the best blends possible. They offer fantastic espressos that allow you to appreciate each blend’s unique characteristics. Their exquisite coffee will keep you coming back. They also have a bakery that supplies artisanal bread, for those that get a bit hungry.

The Truth Coffee cafe is open from Monday to Saturday from 07:00-18:00, and on Sundays from 08:00-16:00. The cafe is one of the most unique coffee shops in Cape Town, and if you find a coffee you love you can buy some to take home.

2. Ground Art Caffe

The outside of Ground Art Caffe, one of the top coffee shops in Cape Town.

If you are looking to appreciate some art with your artisanal coffee then Ground Art Caffe is the place for you. This cafe has all-day natural lighting, a light minimalist aesthetic, with a dedicated wall to exhibit the art. The cafe also provides stunning views of Table Mountain that contribute to the captivating aesthetic, not to mention they offer free wi-fi.

Of course, it wouldn’t be on this list of top coffee shops in Cape Town unless they had fantastic coffee. Ground Art Caffe offers a unique African Arabica blend made with top-scoring beans and micro-roasting methods. Through this, they deliver a truly exceptional cup of coffee that will captivate your taste buds. The cafe also offers an extensive menu with wraps, sandwiches, pasta, soups, and paninis. Therefore you can stop by for lunch, or just a delectable cup of joe.

Ground Art Caffe is open Monday to Friday from 07:00-15:00, Saturdays from 07:30-14:00, and Sundays from 08:00-13:00. This coffee shop is ideal for those seeking the most beautiful aesthetics life has to offer. While providing delicious coffee that you won’t easily forget.

3. Rosetta Roastery

Inside Rosetta Roastery with the barista and customers. It is one of the best coffee shops in Cape Town.

Rosetta Roastery has two coffee shops in Cape Town, one on Bree street, and one in the Silo district. Originally founded by the South African Nu Metal band Citizen Kane, these cafes have a stylish contemporary aesthetic that will satisfy any cosmopolitan caffeine hound.

The former band members utilised their shared passion for coffee to make the highest quality coffee possible. They use micro-roasting methods on their single-origin and estate coffees that are imported from Africa, Asia, and South and Central America.

Through these methods, they have produced fantastic coffee, Which earned them the title of ’South Africa’s Best Coffee Roastery’ in 2018 and 2019 awarded by The Coffee Magazine. They offer their coffee in-store both ready-made, or you can take a bag of their blends home. They also offer a monthly coffee subscription service, delivering fresh coffee to your door nationwide. Ensuring you never run out of their delicious coffee. 

The Rosetta Roastery coffee shops in Cape Town are open Monday to Friday from 07:00-16:00, Saturday from 08:00-16:00, and Sunday from 08:00-14:00. Rosetta Roastery has truly built a name for itself, from its metal beginnings, as a leading supplier of third-wave coffee.

These are our picks for the top coffee shops in Cape Town. So if you are curious to see what third-wave coffee is all about. Stop by one of these coffee shops for the best third-wave coffee experience possible.

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