Cape Town has many attractions for holidaymakers. From the V&A Waterfront to Table Mountain there is no shortage of great experiences in the mother city. However one of the less-known attractions is the restaurants Kloof Street has to offer.

Kloof Street is located in the Gardens area of Cape Town, nestled between Signal Hill and Table Mountain. Kloof Str is a vibrant and lively street that truly shows off the local culture of Cape Town. While not the steepest street in Cape Town, that title belonging to Bellevue Str, Kloof Str was voted the “coolest street” on the planet.

Amongst its many attractions are some fantastic restaurants. That is why we decided to write this list with our picks for the best restaurants Kloof Street has to offer. To help you find the perfect meal while you enjoy your time on this lively street.

Kloof Street House

Fairy lit garden with stairs going through the hedges, just one of many magical restaurants kloof street has to offer

First on our list of restaurants Kloof Street has to offer is the local favourite Kloof Street House. This restaurant was established in 2012 in a 20th-century Victorian house. This has inspired the aesthetic of the restaurant as its grand interior will make you feel like royalty. This combined with the fairy-lit outdoor garden seating creates a truly magical venue.

The food on offer at this restaurant is as grand as the venue itself. They have a brasserie-style menu with a focus on sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. Their menu includes delicious meats like the South African Karoo Wagyu beef and grilled ostrich that is sure to satisfy any carnivore. They also have some delicious seafood like grilled Norwegian salmon and grilled kingklip, for those wanting a taste of the ocean. All of these dishes are expertly prepared and there is an extensive selection of drinks to pair with all of them.

Kloof Street House is open on Mondays from 12:00-02:00, and from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-02:00. These long hours ensure they are open no matter when you get a craving for some exceptional cuisine. With so much to offer it is easy to see why Kloof Street House is at the top of our list.

Arnolds Restaurant

orange banner above some stylish outdoor seating, one of the iconic restaurants kloof street has to offer

You can’t talk about the restaurants Kloof Street has to offer without talking about Arnolds Restaurant. This restaurant has become a local institution with a reputation for legendary breakfasts. The restaurant has a cosy and casual atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re visiting a family friend for a meal. Which allows you to get comfortable and really enjoy the food.

The food is the primary focus here with dishes that are spectacular to look at and even better to taste. Their legendary breakfast menu has everything you could possibly want including the classics and fantastic flapjacks. They also have modern staples like burgers and seafood on their lunch menu. For dinner, the main draw is their South African Venison menu which includes smoked warthog rib and eland steak. This restaurant has something for everyone no matter what time of the day you stop by.

Arnolds Restaurant is open from Monday to Friday from 06:30-22:00, and Saturday to Sunday from 07:00-22:00. As we have said they are known for their breakfasts which is why they are open so early. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect place for the most important meal of the day. Be sure to stop by Arnolds Restaurant, for a breakfast you will never forget.

The Wolf House

contemporary bar lit up at night viewed from the street, another example of what restaurants kloof street has to offer

Last but certainly not least on our list of restaurants Kloof Street has to offer is the Wolf House. This trendy restaurant was founded in 2020 and has quickly become a local favourite burger joint. The interior is a unique fusion of neon punk and a rustic aesthetic, thanks to its futuristic lighting and murals combined with wooden flooring and benches. This creates a casual laid-back atmosphere especially if you are seated in the rooftop bar.

The food at the Wolf House is more your pub food fair but crafted with passion. They have a number of bites or snacks like onion rings and cheese balls if you are just a bit snackish. However, they also offer more hearty options like their pizzas and burgers that will fill you no matter how famished you may be. There is also a selection of meats and different nachos available. Essentially there is no shortage of many modern favourites at this restaurant making it the ideal casual dining experience for all.

The Wolf House is open from Sunday to Thursday from 12:00-23:00 and from Friday to Saturday from 12:00-00:00. This restaurant is more geared towards the nightlife making them perfect for a late-night meal or to unwind after a long day. Either way, this restaurant will have you howling at the moon in delight with its fantastic offerings.

These are our picks for the 3 best restaurants Kloof Street has to offer. While there are many great restaurants in Cape Town like Villa 47 owned by Luciano and Michelle. Not all of them can boast a location on one of the coolest streets in town. So the next time you are wondering what to do with your day, head over to kloof street and try one of these fantastic restaurants. For a dining experience that you will never forget.

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